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Mark Burgess and the Sons of God: Zima Junction

Liner Notes:

Zima Junction

Pyramid eyeWorld on Fire (Burgess)
Guitars; Keyboards; Vocals - Mark Burgess. Backing Vocals - Keni. Drum Programming - Pete Troughton.

Waiting for a Friend (Burgess)
Guitars; Vocals - Mark Burgess. Harmonica - Quantum Jon Burr. Drum Programming - Pete Troughton. 

Refugees (Burgess)
Guitars; Vocals - Mark Burgess. 

The Great Adventure (Burgess)
Bass; Guitars; Vocals - Mark Burgess. Harmonica - Keni. 

Beat the Boat (Glancy)
Guitar; Vocals - Bryan Glancy. Guitars; Keyboards; Vocals - Mark Burgess. Drums - Ian Goodall.

When Harmony Comes (Burgess)Glancy)
Bass; Guitars; Vocals - Mark Burgess. Guitars; Vocals - Bryan Glancy. Additional Percussion - Keni. Additional Guitar - Will Deegan. Drums - Andy Treacy. 

Our Soul, Lost Soul, Brother and Fool (Burgess)
Bass; Guitars; Keyboards; Vocals - Mark Burgess. Guitar - Bryan Glancy. Backing Vocals - Bryan Glancy and Keni. Drums - Pete Hibbert.

Happy New Life (Burgess)
Guitars; Bass; Keyboards; Vocals - Mark Burgess. Harmonica - Quantum Jon Burr. Additional Guitar and Vocals - Keni.

Up on the Hill (Burgess)
Guitars; Bass; E-Bow; Vocals - Mark Burgess. Cello - El Joel Sanderson. Banjo - Harry Horse.

'Fašades' by Philip Glass in E minor; Featuring 'Eence Upon a Time' by the Shetland Poet Vagaland (Music by Phillip Glass/Words by Vagaland) (7:59). 
Poem by Mandy Horne. Guitars; Drums; Keyboards; Voices - Mark Burgess. Cello - El Joel Sanderson.

You Only Live Twice (Barry)
Guitars; Vocals; Keyboards - Mark Burgess. Computer Arrangement - Steve Lord + Pete Troughton. 

Zima pic

All songs published by Mark Burgess except: 
Fašades (Philip Glass) CBS. 
Eence Upon a Time (Vagaland) Published by the Shetland Times Ltd. 
You Only Live Twice (John Barry) Published by EMI Ltd. 
Beat the Boat (Bryan Glancy) © Control. 

Zima pic 2

Then the voice of Zima Junction spoke to me. Here is what it said:
"I live modestly, crack nuts, quietly steam with train engines, but I also think alot about the age, love it and suffer from it. You ae not the only one in the world like this now, with your searching, planning and struggle. Don't worry my son, that you haven't answered the question that was given to you. Hang on, watch closely, listen carefully and explore, explore.

Zima pic 3

Travel the whole world over. Yes, truth is good, but happiness is better, but nontheless without truth there is no happiness. Go about the world with a proud head, and everything facing forward - both heart and eyes, and yoy face - lashed with wet pine needles and on your eyelashes laden - with tears and storms.
Love people, and discriminate among them.
I've got my eye on you.
But if there's trouble - 
Come back to me...
Go!" And I went.
And I Keep on going

An extract from Zima Junction by Yevgeny Yevtushenko - "Zima Junction: a Poem." 1955
Translated by Albert C. Todd - published by Mainstream. Edinburgh

Cover Illustration: Zima Juncion IV © Harry Horse
Reproduced by Kind Permission of H. Horse
Handwriting and Design by HH

Zima Artwork

Eence Upon a Time

Aald Minnie tells some faersome stories
She says da Trows comes oot at night
Ta waander roond aruond da hooses
Fae dayset fill da moarnin-licht
Sho says deywait oot by da brig-sterns
Ta tak bad bairns awa some place;
Da warst o dem is Pesterleekie,
Terrie Mittens an Trunsher Face.

May maamie says hit's just a story
Laek what's its Fairy Tells:
Der naithin waitin ida mirKenin
Fir peerie dairns at's furt demsells

Bit whin da nicht is gettin darker
Dat dark at I can hardly see
I think "If Am Don Bad, dan maybe
Da Trows micht come an look fir me."

An I maan gang, whin lamps is lichit,
Fir mylk, because we hae nae coo,
Doon ower da gaet, an by da Shapel,
An on alang da burn-broo.

An cross da dark-broom, froadin water, 
Fae steppin-stern ta steppin stern:
Hut seem dat far ta lichit windows
Apo da lang hillgaet my lane.

A'll never leet! An tak my pistol
Da een at Santie brocht fir me
My bran-new sheenin automatic
An a box o Kyeeps ta lod her wi.

A'll lod her up, an tak my blankie;
Dan I can travel ony place,
An A'm no feared for Peesterleeki,
Terrie Mittens or Trunsher Face!

- by the poet Vagaland © M.Robertson. Shetland Times.

Once the sea had no end
In distant days
We were the first ones
Deluge drained
Tides recede
We were the first ones
Strangers to the ground
Strangers yes
But what was lost can still be found
Wisdom did not drown
Oh no
Home submerged
Nomads we
Roam your lands
We walk amongst you
Secrets safe
Signs concealed
Sight unseen
We walk amongst you
Savage is your way
Savage yes
But soon the tides will turn again
The meek shall have their day
Oh yes
When it comes
It is swift in its mission
And seeks only the humble heart
When it comes
It is swift
So we'll meet you by the side of the spirals

Numbered we
Like grains of sand
Like you do now
We are the lost ones
If you have ears to hear
We are the last ones
Your world knows no shame
Those in anguish
Cry out loud and call our name
Who will save the sane?
Oh yes
When it comes
It is swift in its mission
And seeks only the humble heart
When it comes
It is swift in its mission
And seeks only the noble heart
When it comes
It is swift in its justice
And breaks only the selfish heart

When it comes

And it will

We'll meet you

By the side of the spirals


V S 0 0 3

Mark Burgess and the Sons of god
A collection of demo tracks recorded in preparartion for an album that was never to be.
Where? England and Scotland
When? Yesterday
Why? Well, let's face it, someone has to.

For all of you who I know I take your love with me - For all of you I don't know - take mine.

Mark Burgess

1.30 pm on a warm sunny afternoon in Scotland
P.S. This is an ELF free zone

1. World on Fire 2. Waiting for a Friend. 3. Refugees. 4. The Great Adventure. 5. Beat the Boat. 6. When Harmony Comes. 7. Our Soul, Lost Soul, Brother and Fool. 8. Happy New Life. 9. Up on the Hill. 10. Facades by Glass in E' Minor. 11. You Only Live Twice.

PIVOT RECORDS, [Address no longer valid so deleted]

you can contact Mark by writing to: [Address no longer valid so deleted]

Fuego RTD 1134 (Germany) licensed from Imaginary Records (England). 
Pinnacle PIK3 (USA). 
© 1993 Imaginary Records, England. 
© 1993 Fuego, Germany. 
© 1993 Pinnacle, USA. 

Further notes by Mark Burgess:

Zima Junction was originally commissioned by a London independent label called 'Midnight Music' and the association came about when they had helped distribute the EP by the Sun And The Moon, alive; not dead. The original intention had been to demo the songs and then bring in a Producer. Most of the demos were recorded in a small, local eight track studio called 'Studio-Studio' just outside Rochdale where I was then living. Another demo session was recorded in Edinburgh, but the only tracks that survived were 'Facades' and 'Beat The Boat.. Finally, 'Harmony' was recorded at the Cutting Rooms in Manchester. I didn't want to put it out as simply 'Mark Burgess' but I didn't have a band as I'd took to writing songs alone on my 12 string acoustic. I chose 'The Sons Of God' after the title of a book by one of my favourite writers Thomas Lethbridge. 'The Sons Of God' then, referred to the numerous friends that came in and played on the various tracks. These people are:

  • Harry Horse, banjo, artist and the designer of the sleeve and artwork.
  • Keni, all round inspiration, harmonica and backing vocals.
  • John Burr, quantum physicist and one time British blues harmonica champion
  • Pete Troughton, drum programming, engineer
  • Bryan Glancy, singer/songwriter from Manchester who wrote 'Beat The Boat and contributed to 'When Harmony Comes', played guitar and sang backing vocals on 'Our soul....'
  • Will Deegan who played additional guitar on 'Harmony'
  • El Joel Sanderson who played cello on 'Facades' and 'Up On The Hill.
  • Mandy Horne who recited the poem 'Eence Upon a Time' by the poet Vagaland
  • Steve Lars who computer arranged 'You Only Live Twice.

Having recorded the demos Midnight Music were very reluctant to pay for them. I'd get calls from the studio asking where the money was until finally I was told that if the money wasn't paid the tapes would get erased. Meanwhile my attempts to find a producer were unsuccessful. In the end, as luck would have it, Imaginary Records released a Chameleons retrospective and I was paid some royalties, which I immediately handed over to the studio and so paid for the sessions myself. I untangled myself from Midnight Music, with the onslaught of a heart condition brought on by the stress of it all Sally and fled to Scotland. Sometime during our time there Alan Duffy from Imaginary Records suggested that I release the demos as they were, licensing them through Imaginary, which I did. Similarly I was able to find licensing in Germany through Fuago Records and in the U.S. through Vinyl Solution, in Michigan. Zima hadn't turned out the way that I'd hoped, but there's something about the ambience of the recordings that is unique. At least for me, they have a quality in themselves and it's a recording that, despite the many flaws, has a charm that I'm very fond of.

The sleeve was taken from a series of pictures by Harry Horse. Although I love everything Harry does I particularly love the Zima series. He related to me that it tells the story of a small desert place where something very wonderful happens. Unfortunately, the miracle of Zima Junction turns the place, canvas by canvas, into a sprawling madness, although, still visible beneath the chaos, the original spot where the miracle occurred. I forget how many he's actually done, as far as I know it's work in progress and he's doing them still. The vinyl copy of the album featured my favourite, if I can get a scan together I'll put it up for you.

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