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The Sun and the Moon: The Sun And The Moon

Liner Notes:

The Sun and the Moon - Front Cover

The Sun and the Moon - Back Cover

Dear Listener,

Collectively we are "The Sun and the Moon". Individually we are from left to right, John Lever, who hits things, mainly drums, cymbals, alchohol and Swiss skinheads; Andy Whitaker and Andy Clegg who play guitars regardless of the weather and tinkle the occasional ivories; and myself, Mark Burgess, bass player and all round ranter. Some additional voices also belong to the Andrew Sisters.

The LP was engineered and reduced, sorry, I mean produced by CJ, The Sun and the Moon, together with anyone else who happened to be waiting around for a game of pool at the time. Pool! Wimps, we were, when we went in, hustlers when we came out. Quid on, anyone?

The LP was recorded at Suite Sixteen in Rochdale, except for a couple of songs which were recordedat Rockfield in Wales. The engineer there was Paul Cobbold and the tracks were later mixed at S.S. oops! You have another dodgy refernce there Hookey. Thanks also to Shan Hira for all his help and for being a good laugh. The cheques in the post mate! The record was cut by George Marino at Sterling Sound; mastered by a master. The CD mastering was handled by the mysterious Barry Diament of Barry Diament Audio, NYC. The cover illustartions are from the Swiss Tarot and have been used with the kind permission of A.G. Müller in Switzerland and a very special thanks to the distributor of the Tarot, David Westnedge of Davis Westnedge Ltd., London, England for his help and for the lovely book he sent us.

All of the art concepts are by The Suns and the Moon. The artwork co-ordination layout and design by Martin Kay (NMD) [tel. no removed] The photos are by Jamie Maddox for Skylight, Manchester [tel. no. removed] US art coordination was by Deborah Norcross at Warner Bros. Records in Burnabk, California.

Once again, a special thanks to Tom Zutaut in the U.S. for his A & R co-ordination and his faith. This is our first LP. Everyone worked very hard and we hope very much taht you will approve. Whether or not there will be another is entirely a matter for you. To obtain the best effect from this LP, please play it loud. Thank you for your ears, your time and most of all, your money.

This LP is dedicated to the late Tony Fletcher, a source of inspiration to everyone fortunate enough to know him. Much Loved. Much missed.

Bye for Now.

Mark Burgess (Ten Thirty in the Evening - Heaven.)

John LeverAndy Whitaker
Andy CleggMark Burgess

Further notes by Mark Burgess:

The album was recorded in 1987 just after John and I left The Chameleons. It was simply a way for me to get back to the basics of songwriting without the hassles and hangups that had haunted me throughout the final year in The Chameleons. The band also featured Andy Clegg on guitar, who had been working with The Chameleons on their live sets as fill-in keyboard player; and Andy whitaker, also on guitar, from the band 'Music For Aborgines'

The demos were recorded at Rockfield studios and although the bulk of the work there wasn't, in the end, used for the album some tracks survived. A re-mixed 'Picture Of England' and two B-sides 'I Love You, You Bastard' and 'The Boy Who Sees Everything'. The rest of the album was recorded in our usual haunt, Suite Sixteen Studio, in Rochdale.

The life span of the band was short. Disillusionment with Geffen Records led to me leaving the label at my own request, something that didn't go down too well with the others. An EP 'alive; not dead' followed on my own label 'Glass Pyramid' but although I loved the music we had made together I felt that the band's reluctance to move forward and forge a sound of our own, rather than continue in the form of The Chameleons, was a hinderance and so in 1988 I decided to quit the band. The band continued for a while as 'Weaveworld' making one vinyl EP before pettering out.

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