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The Chameleons: Strip

Liner Notes:


Hello again
Well here I am writing sleeve notes for another fresh Chameleons record. It started with the decision in February to play a few gigs together in May 2000. For valid reasons I won't go into here it was impossible for John to come aboard until mid April, so rather than hang around waiting until then to start something the possibility of a few acoustic shows evolved into recording an acoustic album, which is the essence of what we have here. Our friend and advisor Simon Lawlor put up the money to make and press the record and it was originally envisioned that 'Strip' as it came to be called, would be a DIY project recorded on some equipment I have a 50% share in. As it turned out though, Shan Hira at Suite Sixteen, Rochdale, offered us the use of the studio over ten days at cost and we were able to return to the studio in which we'd made our name. Shan and another regular engineer at the studio, Jonathan Barrett, then worked with us for no fee over the period in order to finish the record in time. we can't thank them enough for making it possible for us to work at S16 and for working hard to ensure that the CD sounds so great.... Nice one! We'd also like t say a big thanks to Paul Fallon of Johnny Roadhouse Music, Manchester, for the practical help and encouragement he gave us during the pre-production stages of making this record.

mark burgess

  1. Less Than Human
  2. Nathan's Phase
  3. Here Today
  4. Soul In Isolation
  5. Paradsio
  6. Caution
  7. On The Beach
  8. Pleasure and Pain
  9. Road To Remo (instrumental)
  10. Indian

All songs written, arranged and performed by The Chameleons

The Chameleons are:
Mark Burgess: Bass guitar, twelve string acoustic guitar, lead vocals
Dave Fielding: six and twelve string acoustic guitars, didjeridu, harmonica
Reg Smithies: Six and twelve string acoustic guitars, electric six string guitar, percussion

Recorded at Suite Sixteen Studio, Drake St, Rochdale

Engineered by Shan Hira and Jonathan Barrett

Produced by Shan, Jonathan and The Chameleons

Artwork by Reg Smithies and Mark Burgess

You mean...?

What Is It?
Well it's an album of acoustic arrangements of some earlier songs along with one or two new tunes...
But, What is it?
Well it began as a way for Dave, Reg and myself to keep busy until John could join us for rehearsals for some gigs we'd arranged to play in May, but we soon realised that what we were doing here was something rather special...
But, what is it?
Well it' a group of songwriters getting back together after a ten-year lay-off, rediscovering their own music and redefining themselves as a band...
Yes, but what is it?
Er... It's a new album by The Chameleons.... Basically! We are The Chameleons. Is this album number four? I'm not sure. Mark Burgess, 3.25 p.m., Reg's flat

Ps Additional didjeridu by traditional Didjeri Dave...

All songs published by EMI Publishing Ltd except track 9 and 10 - copyright control.

The Chameleons can be contacted via www.the or by writing to The Chameleons c/o PO Box 190, York YO42 4YU, England

A Paradiso Communications Production PARADISO CD001

Other Notes:

Note:  Cover and CD both incorrectly spell 'Paradiso' as 'Paradsio'. Also running order of the CD is actually as follows:

  1. Less Than Human
  2. Nathan's Phase
  3. Here Today
  4. Soul In Isolation
  5. Pleasure and Pain
  6. Paradiso
  7. Caution
  8. On The Beach
  9. Road To Remo (instrumental)
  10. Indian
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