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The Chameleons: Script Of The Bridge

Liner Notes:

Script of the BridgeDear Listener,

Thank you for lending us your ears, this is just a short note to tell you what, when and why.
The Bass and the Voices belong to Mark, the Guitars to Reg and Dave, the Drums to John. The noise belongs to everybody.
When Tony Skinkis takes the photos and drives the van, thank you; when Alastair plays the keyboards, thank you; When James Lipton gives us a guiding hand, thank you; when Spin and Steve of ARC Electronics (Southampton) work hard looking after our live sound, thank you; when Colin Richardson engineers miracles from a dying studio, thank you, when friends are friends at home or abroad, may Silvio's never close, thank you; and when Ken utters the immortal words "What is the script with this bridge?" - thank you.
Why Not.
We are the Chameleons and this is our first L.P., perhaps we will make another. Who knows? Not me!
Mark Burgess, 5 o'clock in the Morning, Nottinghill Gate, London.

P.S. Reg did the front cover, good isn't it!


All songs songs written by Burgess, Fielding, Smithies and Lever.

Don't Fall

Nothings familiar
And nothing seems to fit into the scheme of things
Seeing face where there shouldn't be faces
No-ones really certain what tomorrow brings
Don't fall my friend
This nightmare never ends.

I know your back's against the wall
But this roaring silence won't devour us all.

Here Today

My chest is burning, I think someone set my
soul alight
Not sure what hapened but I don't think I got
home tonight


I shake my head and shiver
They smile and they stab my back
As they shake my hand
Send out an s.o.s. please
I 'm marooned in monkeyland

Second Skin

Like when you fail to make the connection
You know how vital it is
Or when something slips through your fingers
You know how precious it is
And you reach the point when you know it's
Only your
Second skin

Up The Down Escalator

And sit at their tables and throw us the scraps
For christs' sake leave us something
Now they can erase us at the flick of a switch
How long will it take
Tthere must be something wrong boys
Tthey're dragging me down.

Eden, there's no Eden, anyway.

Less Than Human

Must have died a thousand times
Feeling less than human I surmise
I 'm less than human in gods' eyes

Time he's on my side she said
He may be on your side I said
But it makes no difference in the end
He's coming after you my friend.



Pleasure and Pain

Certainly as the sun
Bakes a sahara day
Ancient as the hills
Crumbling into clay

This madness this laughter
Outward feelings I can't control
Those coloured lights are leading me
Is it you?
Is it me?

Thursdays' Child

Where are we, first and last
Bound together in our past
Much too cruel and much too fast
And much too quick to anger

Traps laid bare in my face
Set to keep me in my place
Say goodbye to the child
And life it seems is colder

As High As You Can Go

Out of tune boys, out of tune boys
Signposts to the sun
Ssingle file boys, single file boys
Signposts to the sun

Aand I don't care who you are
Just sign the line
Aand away you fly

Unexpectedly rejected
Safety for the few
Same excuses resurrected
None of them are true.

A Person Isn't Safe Anywhere These Days

As she parts here graeying hair
Voices on the stair
When she turns there's something there

Like a nightmare feom the past
To the sound of splinterred glass
Dance the monsters in the mask.

Man of steel
Just standing in the rain

Paper Tigers

You have to face them sooner or later
These tigers made of paper
Don't pay now you have to pay later
Confronting tigers made of paper.

View From A Hill

Pick myself up and take the air
The fragrance of children everywhere
Sslowly absorbed into my square
Debating what is and isn't there
Who cares?

You wait until your turn comes round

Band Pic

All songs produced by The Chameleons & Colin Richardson.

Script of the Bridge - Back cover

Further notes by Mark Burgess:

Script Of The Bridge was the first Chameleons album and was released on 'Statik' records during the summer months of 1983. It was deleted for a long time when Statik went out of business, but was re-released on CD a while ago on 'Dead Dead Good Records ( CD, Dead Dead Good, GOOD CD 6, 1995) It was recorded over a period of five weeks at Cargo Studios, in Rochdale, Lancs. The studio was eventually taken over by Peter Hook of Joy Division/New Order and his partner Shan Hira, who now runs the studio alone; and the studio was renamed 'Suite 16'. As 'Cargo' the studio had gained notoriety during the late seventies. Joy Division recorded a lot of material there, although they mixed the tapes at Strawberry Studios in Manchester. A lot of 'Factory ' bands made records there, including 'OMD' 'Sector 25' 'Crispy Ambulance' etc. The Chameleons association with Cargo dates back to 1980. It was the first recording studio I ever worked in when my first band 'The Clichés' recorded a three track demo there. Dave and Reg's band 'Years' recorded their first single there. The studio tape we eventually recorded that led to the John Peel session for Radio One was recorded there too. Lillywhite, who had originally professed an interest in producing 'Script' changed his mind in favour of producing the third U2 album 'War'. Other producers were suggested but all of them insisted on cutting down the length of the songs to 3 minutes or under and we found this to be unacceptable and so, finally we were dropped by CBS. Eventually, it was the London independent label 'Statik' records that agreed to finance the album after a tentative single release 'As High As You Can Go'. We decided therefore to return to Cargo studios and work alongside our regular engineer Colin Richardson. Script was recorded on 16 track half inch tape at a cost of £3,000 and most of the songs were improvised on the spot around the shell of an idea, a method that was to become familiar.

Mark Burgess

Other Notes:

The very early copies of Script of the Bridge had a textured sleeve. The texturing was like small dimples. I've only seen one copy like this and it belongs to my sister and she got it shortly after release.
Last Update: Friday 12th December 2014