ChameleonsVox ChameleonsVox is Mark Burgess, bassist, lead vocalist and principle songwriter with 80’s Manchester band ‘The Chameleons’ (UK), backed by a loose collection of musicians currently spanning two continents. ChameleonsVox is a vehicle for the perpetual performance of ‘Chameleons’ material by people who have a deep passion for the music and a desire to keep the music alive in the wake of the original band’s demise in 2003. ChameleonsVox continues to tour in Europe and the United States and plan to take the show even further afield in 2011 and 2012.
ARTISTDirect Part of the Rogue Network, whatever that is....
TrouserPress "the bible" of alternative rock since 1983. Trouser Press was a New York-based rock music magazine that specialized in a number of genres - British Invasion history, new wave, progressive and independent-label releases - during its existence, which was from 1974 to 1984. In 1983, the editors of the magazine authored the first of a series of record guides. Those books are the basic content of this site.
StrangE TimeS.TiempoS ExtrañoS Fan site in Spanish and English.
Bill Rouck's Reunion gig photos A Chameleons Live Photo Archive. This site contains photos of The Chameleons performing live at various locations.
The Offical Invincible Website Official Website
Whisperin & Hollerin Whisperin' & Hollerin' is a music site run by Tim Peacock, who used to write for Sounds and James Blundell. They will be featuring an exclusive on The Chameleons very soon and will be reviewing our stuff regularly.
Simon Lawlor Management Management and representation for the band.
Yahoo Groups This is the (unmoderated) Chameleons mailing list, formerly hosted on paradiso.umuc.edu.
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Wishville An unmoderated bulletin board, largely dedicated to discussing The Chameleons but we've got opinions on everything from the best flavoured crisps (Cheese and Onion,) through politics (handbags at the ready...) to Todays Pop Picks (Britney not often mentioned.)
KEXP 90.3 FM Streaming audio (Windows Media Player and Real Player formats) of The Chameleons & ChamelonVox in session
Post-Punk.com A database of the most artistic and inspired music created in the last 25 years. Links, features, reviews etc of hundreds of classic and new artists carrying on the Post Punk ethic!
Arctic Reviews Arctic Reviews :: The voice of unreason. Music reviews and more. Independent opinion from our ever growing army of reviewers. Subscribe to join the action.

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