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Other members

Along the way several other people have mucked in and helped out, including....

Alistair Lewthwaite

Alistair Lewthwaite (Keyboards)

Played keyboards live and in the studio up until 'What Does Anything Mean? Basically'

Appears on:

  • Script of the Bridge
  • Peel Sessions

Also played with:

  • Not known.
Andy Clegg

Andy Clegg (Keyboards)

Took over from Alistair for live and studio keyboards.

Appears on:

  • What Does Anything Mean? Basically
  • Radio 1 Evening Sessions

Also played with:

  • Cross
  • Citizen Cain
  • The Sun and the Moon
No Picture Available

Brian Schofield (Drums)

Original drummer.

Appears on:

  • Here Today... ...Gone Tomorrow

Also played with:

  • Not known
Martin Jackson

Martin Jackson (Drums)

Stepped in for John Lever when he took a year off between 1982-83.

Appears on:

  • Here Today... ...Gone Tomorrow

Also played with:

  • Magazine ( see http://shotbybothsides.com )
  • The Durutti Column
  • Swing Out Sister
  • Frank Zappa (on Cello - may not be the same Martin!)
Tony Skinkiss

Tony Skinkiss (Manager)

Appears on:

Dozens of live appearances playing guitar on "Splitting In Two"

No Picture Available

Tony Fletcher (Manager)

Kwasi Asante

Kwasi Asante (Vocals & Percussion)

Appeared on stage with the band at the reunion gigs and has since helped out on a semi-regular basis.

Appears on:

  • Why Call It Anything
  • Live

In his own words.... "I grew up in Middleton/Manchester, and knew Dave & Mark through mutual friends. I only saw them perform once at the Ritz in Manchester back in the early 80's, a friend of mine was really into the band and I had heard of the band so when he invited me to the gig I went, not knowing that it was the band that Dave and Mark were in, BOY was I shocked and impressed! I was was also involved in music at the time singing and DJ'ing with a reggae band and sound-systems. Sometime after this Dave came down to a couple of gigs that I was on, and enjoyed in the same way. More recently I had been doing some live performances with a mate from Middleton, a group called Steady that Dave was helping to produce. Then out of the blue the Chameleons re-form, I went down to the final rehearsal at the Witchwood/Ashton to give it a listen, and halfway through One Flesh the lads stopped and Dave asked me to try some of my stuff on it, so we jammed and it seemed to wor. I was then invited to get involved in what as Mark said at the recent Ritz gig the four gigs that have turned into something else. When that ball starts rollin' nobody knows when it will stop, so here we are still rollin' and lovin' it. As for playing to "sad old twats", none of us are that young until the music kicks in, then we're like old heads in young bodies for while, or so I keep tellin' myself Ha Ha. I hope to be travelling with the band next time they go Stateside. I heard some good feedback from the lads when they came back last time. Well Col its a bit long winded but you asked. I'm login'out right now,but i'll try and get back on board later, see y'all later.
Keep the vibe flowin' Happy Days."

Last Update: Friday 12th December 2014