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MarkMark Burgess

"Mark Burgess creates music which sends a tingle down your spine, scaling emotional heights which most bands could only dream of. At times frightening, at times inspirational..."


Main Instrument:

  • Vocals
  • Bass

Also plays:

  • Guitar
  • Acoustic Guitar


  • Fender ? Bass

You can get in touch with Mark via this address:


He likes to get email, so don't be shy (but please allow a bit of time for him to get back to you - it's not always possible for him to pick up mail on a regular basis!)

Straight from the horses mouth - the inside line on The Chameleons

All notes by Mark

Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away, I was the lead singer, bass player and co-writer in a British guitar band called 'The Chameleons'.
Although we had known each other since early childhood, we came together as a band early in1981. For me it was just something to do a few nights a week while waiting for life to happen. I expected nothing from it whatsoever, except perhaps a few laughs in good company.
It was the start of a new adventure that took me in and out of the BBC a few times; to the plush offices of London record companies and expensive, sterile recording studios with expensive, sterile record producers. To every major city in England and a few not so major. To the Highlands of Scotland. Backwards and forwards across Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Holland. Across Canada and the U.S.A. Italy, Greece, Jerusalem, Monserrat and the San Remo Cafe, Drake Street, Rochdale.
Along the way I encountered Rock Gods, witches, a wizard (an' he was my friend, he was), druids, drug-dealers, UFO's, at least one genuine celestial angel, sado-masochists, poets, painters, speed demons (almost becoming one myself), very beautiful men, very beautiful women, the Devil, writers, actors, Mohammed Ali, monster hunters, Hells Angels, the reincarnated soul of an Egyptian pharaoh, and a good egg. To name just a few.
I also got to make music and records with some of the most interesting, humorous and talented people I've ever met.
It all ended in the summer of 1987 after the death of a close friend, or rather, it should have done, but didn't.
Since then, interest in the band has grown well beyond the apathy of our times. Great bands have mentioned us in the media, one celebrity even singing out the line to one of our songs recently as he collected his Brit award (Liam Gallagher of Oasis: "Is it any wonder?"). People are still keen to ask me about the group. People still seek out the records and still approach me, give me a hug or shake my hand, their eyes moistening (I eat a lot of garlic), to ask if we'll ever play again.
I didn't think so, but it goes to prove that you never know!

Last Update: Friday 12th December 2014